Where is Colour?

Where is Colour?

A bit of colour to brighten your day.

The Concept

Where is colour? is a response to the  dull landscape of Toronto’s downtown core. Pieces of graffiti that you can move, these objects are meant to brighten days and bring smiles to those who interact with them.

The objects are small and durable, held together in the middle around magnets that allow the pieces to hang from metal objects found on city streets. They are meant to be taken by the viewer/user, and have tags that read “This is colour. I hope it made you smile. If you took colour with you today, please let me know. whereiscolour@gmail.com“

25 magnets went out in October 2011, and 25 more in May 2013. The project continues.

The Brief

This project was a response to an undergraduate assignment to create a site specific textile installation.

Email Excerpt from Someone Who Found Colour

“I found colour on Bloor Street, west of Bay on a post near the Starbucks. I was on my way back to my office with a rice krispy square in hand from the Starbucks. It is now stuck on my office file cabinet, adding a splash of colour, texture and whimsy to my drab grey government cubicle on Bloor street. It combines three things that I love: Magnets, fabric, and primary colours.”


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